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Tree And Shrub Care Peterborough

Professional Tree And Shrub Care Service

Tree And Shrub Care

All Tree And Shrub Care Services In One Place

Tree Care

Providing you a wide range of tree services including tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree removal/relocation.

Shrub Care

Providing shrub planting and care services for residential and commercial property owners.

Trees & Shrub Maintenance

Do you spend hours in the garden trimming branches, fertilising, spraying for insects? If so, then we recommend our tree and shrub care plan.

Tree And Shrub Care Services

Tree and shrub care service in the Peterborough, Cambs area. We provide a variety of tree and shrub services such as regular maintenance, pruning, insect control, storm damage repairs and more.  Also specialise in 24/7 emergency services so we’re always ready to help with any type of tree or shrub problem you may have. Our staff are highly trained and certified garden landscape experts and we offer high quality services at affordable prices.

Tree Care

Qualified tree surgeon and arborists will take care of your tree and shrub problems.

Shrub Care

Professional gardeners will improve the health of your shrubs. 

Maintenance Plan

Certified professionals to look after the health of your outdoor plants

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Tree and shrub care service comes with full customer support including a one year warranty on all services. 

Tree And Shrub Care FAQs

Most frequent tree and shrub care questions and answers
Spring and summer are the best times to feed plants as this gives them good preparation for the growing season, although some organic fertilisers can be applied in late winter if they are slow releasing.
  • Plant the right tree in the right place. Pick a tree meant for your area, then, find a spot that will get enough sun and provide enough space for its full-grown canopy.
  • Properly water. Just like any other plant, you need to water trees!
  • Mulch.
  • Fertilise.
  • Prune.
  • Book checkups.
Trees usually respond best to fertiliser with a 2-1-1 or a 3-1-1 ratio (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium). Commonly available fertilisers with a 2-1-1 or similar ratio are 18-6-12, 12-6-6, 10-6-4, 10-8-6 and 10-8-4.
Pruning should generally occur after the leaves have ‘flushed’ and hardened, so late spring through summer.
If a tree repeatedly loses too much of its canopy at one time, it can become weak or even die from the stress. That’s why you shouldn’t trim more than 25% of a tree’s canopy at one time. Cutting the branch collar can also be a nasty error.

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